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    Belgium no doubts cannot compete with Hollywood and even British cinematography, but regardless of this fact there are several movies that has shaken global audience. The plot of some worth attention movies took place in Belgian cities, and of course Hollywood stars and directors were engaged in the production. Mostly the place choice was associated with Belgian importance in Europe, it being a true heart of European politics, so there is much room for imaginary plots, disputes and conspiracy that are often appear to be interesting for viewers.

     In Bruges is likely to be the movie associated with originality and interesting storyline. Some claim it is weird and odd, some think it suits European standards. It has everything a successful film should be: famous actors in specific line of roles, beautiful city as the entourage, a series of bizarre coincidences, quality conversations, unusual characters, drama presented in a comedy style. Two gunmen arrive in Bruges and sit back waiting for a call from the head. One of them (Colin Farrell) is a hot-tempered young man, bored in this tourist town, and the other really contrasts him: an old file, calm and reasonable (Brendan Gleason). The old drags the young to the churches and canals in spite of Farrell wishes to go a bar and to curse this town. In total, In Bruges is a list of episodes and dialogues, which resemble much a mosaic; but a final is really unexpected and appears to be something worth waiting for.
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    One of the recent movies staged in Belgium, in Antwerp and Brussels, in particular, is The Expatriate. There is a version that The Expatriate was conceived by German director exclusively for the Belgian cityscapes. In the picture views and panorama of Brussels and Antwerp appear as often as the car chases and skewed faced of the characters. It is a story of a former CIA agent who has decided to become an exemplary family man: he retired and is trying to establish a relationship with a teenage daughter. Everything would have happened if his former colleagues have not conceived to kill the girl. All the action takes place in a beautiful picture of Brussels. So, one can enjoy an imaginary travel to Belgium and a thrill of an action movie at once! It is one of the top movies set in Belgium and Europe in total.

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